for|ward1 W1S1 [ˈfo:wəd US ˈfo:rwərd] adv also forwards [-wədz US -wərdz]
1.) towards a place or position that is in front of you
≠ ↑backwards
He leaned forward , his elbows resting on the table.
The crowd surged forwards.
She took another small step forward.
2.) towards greater progress, improvement, or development
We agreed that the sensible way forward was for a new company to be formed.
After the Labour Party conference, he stated that we could now go forward as a united party.
'Britain is now ready to move forward ' he said.
3.) towards the future in a way that is hopeful
≠ ↑backwards
I felt that at last I could begin to look forward .
4.) from that/this day/time/moment etc forward
beginning on that day or at that time
They never met again from that day forward.
5.) go forward to/into
to successully complete one stage of a competition so that you are able to compete in the next stage
South Korea went forward into the next round of the World Cup.
6.) if you put a clock or a watch forward, you change it so that it shows a later time, for example when the time changes to ↑British Summer Time
≠ ↑back
We put our watches forward by 2 hours.
The clocks go forward this weekend.
7.) in or towards the front part of a ship
→↑fast-forward,look forward to sth atlook1 , backwards and forwards atbackwards
forward 2
forward2 W3S2 adj
[: Old English; Origin: foreweard, from fore- + -ward]
1.) [only before noun]
closer to a person, place, or position that is in front of you
≠ ↑backward
Army roadblocks prevented any further forward movement .
Always enter or leave a helicopter from a forward direction.
2.) forward planning/thinking
plans, ideas etc that are helpful in a way that prepares you for the future
With a bit of forward planning we make sure your budget goes as far as possible.
3.) no further forward
not having made much progress, especially compared to what was expected
We are no further forward in solving the crime.
4.) [only before noun]
at or near the front of a ship, vehicle, building etc
≠ ↑rear
We sat in one of the forward sections of the train.
5.) formal too confident and friendly in dealing with people you do not know very well
My father thinks she's far too forward for a young girl.
forward 3
forward3 v [T]
1.) to send letters, goods etc to someone when they have moved to a different address
= ↑send on
Would you make sure that you forward my mail promptly?
2.) to send letters, information etc to someone
forward sth to sb
Flight times will be forwarded to you with your travel documentation.
3.) formal to help something to develop so that it becomes successful
= ↑further
I see this new responsibility as a good chance to forward my career.
forward 4
forward4 n
an attacking player on a team in sports such as football and ↑basketball
→↑back, defender ↑defender

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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